Tips for Finding the Right Ranches and Recreational Properties in Montana

Purchasing land is a big investment, so it’s unsurprising that many first-time buyers feel a bit intimidated. With the right attitude, though, buying land can be exciting rather than stress-inducing. The first step toward a successful purchase is to do some research, so read on to find out about a few things to look for when purchasing ranches and recreational properties.

Existing Structures

An existing ranch house, barn, or structure can be an asset, but only if it’s in good condition. An old, dilapidated house will require a lot of work and thus a lot of money to tear down, so there’s no sense in purchasing a property with the intent to live on it if the house will require a good deal of work before new buyers can even move in. Those who are interested in building their own homes should keep an eye out for areas of the property that will accommodate the structures they intend to build as well.

Learn About Water Rights

In Montana, water rights don’t necessarily come with the land. Future ranchers and farmers have every reason to be concerned about water, so they should ask about whether or not the property comes with water rights and what the legalities are regarding easements. It’s also important to note that streams are considered public property up to their banks’ high water marks, so it’s not rare to see boaters, rafters, fishermen, and hunters boating or walking along them.

Consider Water and Power Supply

Not all ranches and recreational properties are tied into local water and power grids, so it’s always smart to find out whether or not a piece of property already has water and power. If it does, that should absolutely be considered an asset. If it doesn’t, potential buyers should look into what will be required to tie into the grid prior to investing in the property.

Don’t Rush

The process of finding and buying the right property may take some time, so it’s essential that potential buyers do not rush into anything. Instead, take some time to do research on different areas and peruse Montana ranch property available for sale online prior to making any kind of commitment.

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